> Many traders that come up from what was the lower 48 tell us how we were "made for the ashlands"

> I don't know what idea they get about near arctic winters equaling the crazy shitfest that's the Grey

> I mean, yeah both are extremely cold and there's barely any sunlight, but we're regular Alaskan Highlanders. We get rotated in and out of the Highway to the Grey constantly so we don't loose our minds

> The Highland Rangers are a whole other story

>Those boys are fucking insane

>our rotations in The Grey are normally a few weeks long, maybe a month or two if we're really needed there then it's back to guarding the Highway.

>The Rangers average deployment into the Grey is a year

>A whole fucking year of nothing but ash, ashlings, and greyness

> None of us know how they keep their sanity or if they have any at all

>Once we were on a mission to check out a raider camp, or what was left of one

>A team of rangers hit it two days ago and we were going through to make sure no one was still taking up residence and to mop up

> As we approach we are greated by bodies strewn everywhere

> We searched the whole compound for any signs of life

> not even ashrats were there

> After our sweep two and two were put together and what the rangers plan became clear

> The outer most bodies, most likely sentries were either dead of stab wounds and blood loss or strangled to death

> once they took out the sentries, someone tossed in an explosive from one side while men rushed in from the other flank

>Inside there were shell casings of all types littering the ground, blood stained everywhere

> We counted 26 bodies in and around the compound, all raiders

> We couldn't find any evidence that a Ranger was killed, no blood pools in area where there were no bodies, or anything

> The only thing that we could definitely tell was a Rangers was a hatchet sticking in a dead raider

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