1. [Description] The Penn Arms AC-01 is a military-exclusive carbine based off the AR-01 chambered in 5.56x25 NATO. It uses standard STANAG magazines and is of fully automatic design. A civilian version of the AC-01, the SAC-01, is manufactured from the New Chicago Armory and the [REDACTED] Armory and exported to the Technocracy region. Unlike many other rifles of the era, the AC-01 and the AR-01 utilize a special polymer compound not found in other examples in other regions. This is due to the Technocracy's technology in utilizing and reforming old plastic material into a new compound that can easily be mass produced.
  2. [History] In 4 PA, after the newfound breakthrough of plastic compound manufacturing, [REDACTED] [REDACTED], head of the war department in [REDACTED], wanted to utilize this new material to put the Technocracy ahead in small arms manufacturing. Light, maneuverable, and with a minimum amount of metal parts, the AC-01 is a popular choice with rear-echelon militia troops and urban operators.
  3. [Technical Specifications] The AC-01 uses a smaller caliber round than its bigger brother, the AR-01. The AC-01 uses 5.56x45 NATO ammunition and is fed with STANAG magazines. The barrel of the gun measures 9.5 inches, and features a short-stroke gas piston style gas system. The gun sports an underfolding stock, making it a compact package suitable for confined spaces. The grip, barrel shroud, and upper receiver are all made from a heat resistant compound made from recycled plastic, [REDACTED], which is also used in the AR-01.
  4. [Civilian Use] The civilian version of the AC-01, the SAC-01, removes the full-auto capabilities of the firearm. Otherwise, the firearm is the exact same. It is popular with local militias.
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