ACP-01/a Edit

History in AshLands Edit

The M2 Bradley, re-designated the APC-01 by the Penn Technocracy, was found on many army bases and bunkers after the ashfall. The APC-01 was used in the Technocracy's Great Expedition. It was used with great effect against many of the creatures and hostile tribals who inhabited the deep zones. While almost all APC-01s are salvage, about 10 are the newest model, the APC-01a. The APC-01a has been "improved" over the original model with an all steel construction and ash filters, after partial design documents and reverse engineering.

Armament Edit

  1. 1 25 mm cannon
  2. 1 M240C machine gun
  3. 8, 2x2 grenade launchers

The ACP-01 lacks the TOW 2 missiles of the original M2 Bradley.

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