1. [Description] The AR-01 is a magazine fed 7.62x51 NATO rifle with fully automatic capabilities. It is the standard-issue rifle for the army of the Penn Technocracy. As such, the AR-01 is manufactured solely at the [REDACTED] Armory in [REDACTED,] however, its little brother, the AC-01, is manufactured in the New Chicago Armory, as well as the [REDACTED] Armory. Both firearms use a special, heat-resistant polymer compound made from recycling old plastic and treating it with special chemicals, a product which the Technocracy is known for protecting to the death.
  2. [History] In 4 PA, alongside the development of the AC-01, [REDACTED] [REDACTED], a key figure in the progression of material manufacturing for the Technocracy, integrated his new polymer product into a weapon design for frontline troops. The decision to use 7.62x51 resulted from many ballistic tests over the span of a few months which concluded that 5.56 was not a lethal enough round for their purposes.
  3. [Technical Specifications] The AR-01 uses a 7.62x51 NATO round and uses 20 round magazines. It is a fully automatic design, and sports a barrel length of 16 inches. It is manufactured with a special, heat resistant polymer. No civilian variant of this weapon exists.
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