AR-02 (aka: The 1 Week rifle or the Surpgun) Edit

  1. The AR-02, given the less then stellar nicknames of The 1 Week rifle and the Surpgun by Penn Soldiers, Explorers and, mercenaries is an automatic rifle produced in limited quantities per batch by Penn Arms. The original designs are based off of the Pre-ashfall M-16A2 and were modified by the Penn Technocracy for "practical" use in the Post Ashfall world. It was intended to be used as a replacement for the AR-01. It was pulled after 1 week in service after it's glaring issues with ash induced jamming and stopping power were embarrassingly brought into the light.
  2. The name of "Surpgun" was given to it during the Great Expedition, when trade with ash tribes was necessary for tech or supplies, orders were to give said tribes the AR-02 so that Penn weapons lockers and warehouses could be cleared of the decommissioned firearm.
  3. The only reason that this weapon is still in limited production is that it is a useful trade good when dealing with primitives and tribals inside the ashlands.
  4. The weapon suffers from a dust cover isn't the most reliable and many more moving parts compared to its predecessor, the AR-01, and successor, the AR-03. The 5.56 round it fires is also of concern for a "modern" rifle. While the 5.56 round is a capable force against most human opponents, it only leads to most other, more monstrous foes just getting pissed off.
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