Many men had believed the stories of great treasures that may have been blown out of the Earth's crust on the day of the "Rupture"

Many men had gone to seek out these treasures, not knowing exactly what they may find, fueled only by stories and their imagination

Many of these men believed to be their own protagonist in a larger story, to be the one man to find the treasure of the "Rupture", truly a gift from God.

For these men it would be their ultimate undoing to trek the Ellow Ston Mountain left behind the massive volcanic explosion generations prior

Yet none of these men realised, for them to be protagonists there has to be an antagonist and thus from the belly of the Earth rose creatures never witnessed before

These creatures would earn their names through the blood, bones and tears of fallen men, and from the fears of those who will live a coward's fate.

The only treasure this new land will bring to the men of the world is the cold gift of death

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