Just got back from a skinwalker hunt, turns out they're not all that scary if you have the jump on em.

I was In Arkansas
local town is having problems with a Skinny
Join local band dedicated to taking them out
turns out they were holed up in the Mammoth Cave national park
we get there after a lengthy drive from the town
reception building is dilapidated, but still intact
elevators are out
man who went here before the rupture says there is stairs going out
take the truck to the stairs
doors that close the cave have been blown outwards
we carefully proceed down the stone corridors of the cave
hear some shit, but could've just been bats
no sign of the skinwalker in the cave so far
then we see it
in one of the main chambers there is a woman hunched over in a pool of blood
couldn't have been her blood, it was dried
there was no metal on it either
we put on our earpro because of the enclosed space
it starts to stand up in a really awkward fashion
kinda like one of them old marionette dolls or something
oldest guy in the group hits it center mass with his .308
we follow suite and mag dump into the abomination
turns into a distorted black swiss cheese
drag what's left of the thing out of the cave
load it into the back of the truck
someone else comes stumbling out of the cave
no metal
one of the guys hits it in the throat with a white ash bullet
it fucking morphs in front of our face into its normal form as it dies
throw it in back as well to skin it later
show corpses to the town leader
get payed pretty well.

It's a good job killing these things, just gotta have the right guys

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