> be patrolling the California Ash Zone for the TEF

> it's a good gig

> get paid per diem, plus a bonus for every able-bodied serf you put into service

> most of the time, they surrender to you, begging to be put to work just so they can be fed and have somebody to rule then

> sometimes they fight, but nobody knows how to use a gun so usually that ends in hilarious failure

> but there is one group..... one group we try to avoid

> they wear flecktarn ponchos over khaki booty shorts with Soviet-era gas masks

> some of them use weapons on part with ours, but most use old milsurp bolt actions

> they're the only people in The Zone besides us who know shit about weapons

> they occasionally take potshots at us, but usually ignore us completely

> gods, do they give Muslims and blacks hell, though

> always find piles of heads with "SERBIA STRONG" written nearby

> they also fucking love the smell of Hoppe's No. 9

> you can crack a bottle of that stuff open anywhere you please and within five minutes you can hear them in the distance calling out to each other in that weird dialect

> "Ah nuuuuu, cheeki breeki, iv damke!"

> no fucking idea what that means, but you hear it and you'd better get the fuck out of Dodge because those weird bastards are coming quick

> goddamn, Yellowstone only blew six months ago and these fuckers have already gone totally feral > came across a bunker full of arms and ammo > the smell of Hoppe's No. 9 fills the air > faster than I could blink i here in the distence > "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" > fire fight for hours, only sustained by the ammo in the bunker > finaly silence > as quick as it started it was over > 2 men down to 15 of them, cant complan even if jacobs did make a mean pot of soup >in the end though we secured enugh supplys to last us at least 2 mouths and more Hoppe's No. 9 than we could ever need.

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