I been there before.

Never going back there again.

And here is why.

I was traveling through Arkansas. never been through this road but I will give it try since it seems to be less polluted and destroyed. Once got there I see peaceful families and everyone else. there all getting along and actually acting like the good old days of america. what the fuck??? One of them sees me and they greet me with apple pie and coca cola thats not been lefted in sewage or in looted stores.

"What in the world is this place?"

see kids playing around. People are all dressed like the old style Americans and not a single one is dressed in a wasteland gear like I am. see people getting along fine. see people actually getting together as friends and having a BBQ party. No radiation, no dead bodies, no rogue squadrons, no dystopian governments, no chaos and madness. Until I saw a skinwalker and it was approaching me.

"oh fuck!!!"

Raise my shotgun and get ready to die because I'm a fuck up, but suddenly hear laughter behind me. I see all of the people in the town rushing towards the fucking thing.

"What the fuck your gonna get yourself killed!!!!"

But the people started pulling out these knifes and machetes and spears and they where jumping on the damn thing and stabbing and cutting it like it was just some steak, that thing did not even stand a chance not even had the chance to swing it's claws. All of those people had those smile on their faces when they where doing this. When they finally got done stabbing and cutting the dead thing the people ripped open the stomach upon and started to pull out the insides of the skinwalker. I never thought I could feel bad for one of those fucking things but... The horror as they are rubbing themselves in that things blood and they all get into a fiesta eating frenzy. They are just fucking that thing up and even the kids where rolling in it. They all stop and stare at me with those smile and eyes.

I got the fuck out of there and never ever returned there again fuck Arkansas, jesus fucking christ!

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