The Ash Jumpers are a semi nomadic faction, originating from the National Guard and Army presence within Idaho and Utah. Springing from post, large amounts of soldiers looked to their new Deserter General, Col. Clide Wellings for guidance. From Twin Falls in Idaho they expanded south into Utah, securing Salt Lake City and enlisting the help of fellow military deserters in the area to restore order. Upon settling into the area the ash began coating to their skin slowly changing them into what would come to be known as Ash People. The new faction, establishing itself as a key holder in the Inner and Outer Ashlands have become well know for their ability to act as guides, body guards, and traders.  

Origins Edit

Upon hearing of the chaos the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera cause, many N.G. and Army Reserve soldiers abandoned their post, following the lead of a commanding officer who took to seizing the towns armories the deserter militia quickly enacted a police state overthrowing local government and convincing local law enforcement to do the same to ensure the survival of the small town. The following weeks would lead to a small battle between looters, The Deserters, and local military and law enforcement who refused to abandon post. After the ash had settled and the town was won they gathered resources and began to mount scouting operations into the wastelands mapping out the new terrain, Clide Wellings a Colonel was put in charge of the expansion of their territory and began to mount operations heading west to Nampa and east to Pocatello and Idaho Falls securing the southern half of Idaho in the process.

Onward South Edit

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