The Ash People, often called mask people, are nomads that scavange to survive. They often travel in packs roaming from town to town, splitting up and looting everything they can carry. Often wearing large backpacks to carry everything, preferring foot travel to vehicles almost every time.

They are incredibly mechanically adept, and can find hundreds of useful things where an average traveller would only see junk and trash. In exchange for food, water, or materials they don't have they will trade garage firearms that can work in the heaviest of ash storms. 

Ash People never show exposed skin. Covered from head to toe in dense clothing and often gas masks, they leave no skin exposed to the dense ash and battering winds found in the Ash Zone.


The Ash People speak two languages. English, and what is known usually as "mask speak". Mask Speak is a version of English that can be better communicated through gas masks and is used when they want to converse between themselves more efficiently or when they don't want to be overheard by traders.


The Ash People are timid and avoid social interaction except when trading. If they hear you coming, they'll often avoid confrontation and flee until you have passed by. Do not confuse this with weakness, as they can kill you in a matter of seconds if you are not expecting it, but usually only attack when cornered. If you see one, it is best to avoid them if they do not know you're there because there will always be more.


The Ash People live in the Ash Zone, scavenging supplies and gear to repair or make weapons. They will usually trade weapons and ammo for supplies they can't scavenge, and often do not attack aggressively unless it's a clear victory for them and they will get a lot out of it. 

Nobody knows where the Ash People permanently reside, if they do at all. Where Ash People have roamed for a while, tunnels burrowed into the ash and topsoil are found that go for hundreds of feet in every direction with no signs or writing inside. Do not explore these, as nobody has entered one and came back to tell the tale.

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