4 A.Y. (after Yellowstone)

Ash clouding the jet streams 1,200 mikes to the north has lowered the natural ambient temperature. places like Colorado are regularly -40 and lower in the winter. Southernmost parts of Texas, West Texas, and areas close to sea level in New Mexico and Arizona are now more mild and temperate with a longer winter, but still hot summers. Of course March-May brings ashen rains, replenishing the soil but limiting sunlight in the north. It's the beginning of August, not a cloud in the sky. obviously have sunblinds on to protect from amplified UV radiation. Light patrol out towards the Sierra Madera Astroblome because of word of disturbed dust being seen over a hill. I Grab galil and quad exfill over 6 miles of beautiful, rocky terrain then I see glint in the distance. Kill the quad, hit the dirt, whip out binos. Unidentified large vehicle moving southbound, approx. 2 miles away, the rangefinder on the binos are old and dusty, speaking of dust, they don't even have ash-suppressing equipment, vacuums and no camo. Sit and observe with partner for 15 minutes, they've moved behind a hill and stopped, didn't see them come out on the other side. They have not spotted us, without saying a word, move cautiously on foot for 2 miles. At .5 miles the wind changes, we smell garbage and hear loud talking. They must be fucking retarded. Quietly move up behind rock formation on knoll.

The trek took 45 minutes, but now we're very close and can hear them, but not see them A little background, access the the Sierra Madera Astrobleme is monitored by forward operating bases near Marathon and down through Big Bend National Park. Access points and stops are the converted border patrol stations, whose vehicles and weapons were seized or handed over. Border patrol officers who knew the area and were bilingual were quickly pressed and recruited for the T.E.F, now they serve as highly knowledgeable T.E.F in instructor roles, teaching language, local customs, trade with mexicans, firearms instruction, vehicle maintenance and survival, and are commonly reffered to as Cowboys. They were instrumental helping create the T.E.F Rangers we know today, and were the instructors for my class. The area is monitored, trespassers are commonly here not to escape ash, but ambush and kill our men. We advance prone for 150m until we get complete visual without revealing our position. Move to a rocky outcrop large enough to conceal a human. See there are 6-7 individuals, 5 men and 2 women. They're driving a large RV with offroading tires and a huge amount of extra fuel. Literally fuel tanks with Mojave Union tags on them. In the time it took for us to manuever here, they set up camp. There is garbage everywhere. they dumped their trashbags from the inside so they can reuse them, no intent on burning it. Radio for a check on any Mojave Union movement into the Astroblome.  "Negative" radio-text for backup, send them my coordinates radio for a check on unmarked refugees manuevering 


Radio check for T.E.F refugee movement


I take the safety off my rifle. 

Radio back one more time to confirm with the T.E.F command to ensure they're not Mojave men.


however 3 days ago an unarmed Mojave fuel truck was robbed overnight while stopped at a station. I continue watching intently to see what their going to do. The women mill about with one of the men, they bring a dog out The others are trying to assemble a canopy over part of the vehicle but are struggling due to the wind it isn't strong, but it's consistently blowing. See they have various cheap firearms mixed with garbage through spotting scope, obvious bulletholes in one of the fuel tanks. Dog is mangy and skinny, obviously not fed. Guys finish setting up tent as the wind changes again. Catch a bit of what they're saying.

"............and only...before we get to Corpus."

Guy detaches small fuel can to refuel RV.

"yeah, you should've seen him.......crying, he let us have the fuel, no problem. Just hope it's not all unrefined like last time."

The guy picks up Tec-9 and waves it around, yelling with a spanish accent, jokingly pretending to rob his friends The females and a couple males laugh, one opens a drink. the wind stops and the dog begins barking in our direction. Dead silence as everyone in the group glares over. One of the males pipes up to the mexican holding the tec-9

"Rob, go over there and make su-"

Rob's lower mandible and brain matter explode onto the side of the canopy, group instantly hits the deck, women are screaming. Guy jumps up with double barrel, shoots blindly at our hill. partner on my right calmly shoots him center mass, a bit low guy collapses. put some rounds into the front right tire, blowing the overpressured tire to smithereens. stand up with partner, yelling in English for them to get their hands up. everyone too shocked, just sit there and look at us blankly. non of them have shot back yet. Cover 150 yards while trained on them. I have visual on 5 remaining individuals, all unarmed. 

I advance 20 yards away, ask everyone to lay on their stomachs, they comply. I Grab the remaining 3 males and separate them quickly. Inform them they're trespassing in the T.E.F Astroblome. One of the males looks at the other, then the fuel, then back at other guy

"......Manten tu boca cerrada"

Confirmed for bandits, compatriot examines Rob, the Tec-9 guy. He has dirty, unwashed, shirt has old and new blood stains along with bulletholes. dude is Pepsi Max, examines Joe Biden special guy he shot in the stomach guy is still alive and moving around, his aorta was nicked and he's spitting up a bit of clinic for 90 miles, no surgery tech for 350


Shoots him point blank in the head. zip tie their hands, separating them didn't work, they already collaborated their story before. Interrogate them anyway, inconsistency on where they gained the fuel. Two claimed to have bought it, 3rd guy insists it was given to them. When told that the Mojave doesn't sell marked fuel, one of them began crying. Reinforcements show up in Tacoma, and they begin picking apart the campsite. Garbage, used needles, massive amount of clothes, dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes, a box full of watches. Palestinian flag, human bones, UV protective gear, chip bags and malt liquor. No respirators or any ash on the floor of their RV, they are native New Mexicans who are marauding. Small amount of ammunition along with some firearms no-one knows the origin of. We Begin removing the garbage they dumped. Supervisor determines the fuel was stolen, along with some of the guns. The dog is repatriated and given to T.E.F. Mojave called and arranged to have 600+ gallons of fuel, weapons and supplies returned. The men were taken away and the women captured and sold to some Arizona National Guardsmen who came by. One of them men was executed 2 weeks later for a murder in NM 

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