Its been a few months since ive arrived at the city of Reynosa in Mexico. I had high hopes in finding out more about this place. Its people ,its customs and more importantly its military.  My initial experiences were as expected, similiar to those of the new kid in your class. Weird looks,insults and the occasional fight.  Sure it helped that my skin was an olive tone so most would assume I'm native. Unfortunately my lack of knowledge in the region and the language was a dead giveaway. I did try to purchase a translator for a few days but as I presented them with Lone Fort Notes I was laughed at and called a 'Pendejo'. At the time I was unaware of what it meant, now that I know better I realised everyone was having a laugh. Through trial and error I came to learn more about the locals. Their trade system for instance is similiar to that in the states. People will trade things they have for those they want. My then poor self was in luck, people here seemed eager to receive labor and offer pay. In fact your more likely to have someone offer to fix your door, till your land or let you fuck them for whatever it is they want. Fortunately I didnt have to resort to a life of prostitution for money, except for that one time but ill write about that later. Luckily I was able to secure room and board in one to the many farms in the city. To make things better my boss and landlord was willing to teach me Spanish whenever we took a break from work.

The Spanish lessons were slowly paying off over time, thanks to the help of my Landlord and Boss Don Ramon. Today i was able to successfully tell off another wagon driver as his donkey bumped into mine. A few 'pendejo' 'cabron' and 'te voy a partir la madre' later, the other driver was on his way and I was on my way with an inflated. As sweet and sour as that engagement was, I made the aquaintance of Private Ediberto Jimenez who acted as a mediator between us. Private Jimenez was nice enough to inform me about the military aspect of Mexico as long as I promise to cite him in my final publications.

As per Private Jimenez Mexico itself has been divided in two. Northern Mexico where we are now and Southern Mexico divided at the 21st parallel or the southern border of San Luis Potosi. Private Jimenez continued to explain that the actual Mexican government is in control of the South and the former cartels of old have taken over the North. You can imagine my surprise at this new found info. He continued to explain that two cartels, The Sinaloa and Gulf cartel joined forced creating 'Grupo Salvacion' or Salvation Group. According to him and many of the locals, ever since they took over things have been on the up and up. This group seemed to turn the crisis into a chance to changs their illegitimate business into a legal one. Given the fact that their wasn't a governement to deem what they do is illegal, it seemed like a win win for them. Private Jimenez continued by saying that the government has taken a more military like structure.  If you want to be involved in politics you join the military go up the ranks. Coincidently, military service is mandatory for all males at the age of 16. Females are optional. All men serve for 2 years minimum then have the option to continue or be discharged. With the option of a free bed, three meals a day, drugs and the chance to defend your homeland you can guess where most young adults chose to be. It was the reason I joined the Texas EF when I was young. Minus the use of drugs, at least not on duty. Unfortunately Private Jimenez was called to his HQ mid conversation.  We agreed to meet again and talk more about the way things work, I wished him luck until we meet again. "Igualmente , Valla con dios." He replied.

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