The Berkshire Commonwealth (Formerly the Greater Massachusetts Commonwealth) is a small faction located in Western New England. It was formed by various Berkshire militia groups, each of which whom were formed to combat growing threats of rampant bandit raids. After banding together these armed groups sought to unite and create a larger entity which could govern and control the areas they fought to protect.

Background Edit

The Berkshire Commonwealth was officially formed after the fall of the short lived Greater Massachusetts Commonwealth. The GMC was formed during the earliest days of the rebellion, however this union was crushed by FNC troops as they marched on Albany. The remnants of the Greater Massachusetts Commonwealth retreated to the West Bank of the Connecticut River and formed the Berkshire Commonwealth.

History Edit

Earliest Days Edit

The area fell under the control of the FNC during the earliest days following the chaos of the eruption. Due to numerous reasons such as a reduced populace, the needs of the region were largely ignored by the FNC. This silence continued after bandit groups crossed over from nearby RNY territory to terrorize and loot the populace frequently. (Allegedly these raiders were RNY Force Recon groups terrorizing the FNC countryside with the intent of disrupting the westward expansion of the FNC.) These allegations by locals forced the FNC to not help or interfere with armed action, with the goal of maintaining relative peace with the neighboring RNY. When the pleas for assistance fell on deaf ears, locals throughout the countryside banded together forming multiple regional armed groups, with the intent of fighting these incursions by bandits and to help protect the people. After the formation of the units, numerous FNC troops joined up, feeling a greater obligation to home than to Boston. (Some FNC troops stationed in the east secretly joined these insurgent units while still serving in the FNC, bringing a new meaning to the term "Weekend Warriors".) In the east, the "Berkshire Brigade" was raised near Westfield by an FNC NCO who went AWOL after his family was slain during a raid on his homestead by bandits. He then convinced other small local groups to join together. Although relatively small in number, even after absorbing local units, the name was changed to the "Berkshire Brigades" to convince outsiders and enemies the force was larger than it actually was. In the west, a former Air Force officer living in the farm country outside of Pittsfield formed the "Berkshire Militia". Although retired by the time the eruption happened, after witnessing the carnage caused by the bandits and realizing the relative peace and stability in the region was in jeopardy, he took up arms and quickly formed a sizable group of composed of friends and locals. After recruiting anyone who wanted to answer the call to arms, the group quickly grew to being the largest armed group in the area.

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