Yellowstone, An almost 50 mile wide caldera lying in the heart of America. We should have seen it coming. Yet, in our race to drown out the realities of everyday life with technology, comfort items, and promises from corrupt politicians, we ignored the almost clockwork-like signs that our planet gave us.  In a single, booming instant the world was forever changed. There was no longer a society as we once knew it. The former US government could not control people desperate for survival. Sure, there were people who banded together under a single cause. The Texas Expeditionary Forces to the South currently controlled most of that region. The Northeast was home to some smaller paramilitary forces such as the Great Lakes Coalition and the Dakota Territory Defense Corps. They all tried to help in their own ways, taking long journeys into the Ashlands to look for survivors, supplies...remnants of time now passed, And their expeditions were not without resistance. In the grey and sullen lands of ash, marauders and highwaymen were prevalent. Some banded together, others kept to themselves to prey on peoples' their demise. My family lived in eastern South Dakota. I have no means of communication or travel to an area with such high an Ash Level. But with little else in my life worth caring for, I set out in search of one of these groups that might help me find them...or put them to rest. I know not what lies in store for me

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