History of the CSFEdit

The CSF was formed by park rangers, policemen, national guard, and paramedics, as well as other emergency ersponce forces in the Mark Twain National Forest, and the surrounding areas after the eruption had destroyed normal life in Missouri.

The CSF was founded because the the ER forces listed wanted to continue to provide services post-eruption. The mountain rang of St. Francois was the first choice due to the natural safety it gave, and the closeness of two major post-eruption governments.

They forged alliances with both nearby governments and made agreements to aid scouts from both, acting like a powerful yet neutral state, such as Switzerland.

Insignia of the CSF

Functions of CSFEdit

The CSF is generally a hunting a state, and trades furs and food for various resources. The CSF also shelters scouts and soldiers from both TEF factions, as well as travelers and scavengers. 

The CSF gets income and supplies from their tax put on those who use the CSF bases as refuges. Various payments are medicine, munitions, clothing, and sometimes weaponry. 

Both TEF factions, if they were to become aggressors, are able to use the CSF as neutral, unhostile land in which to create meetings and treaties. The minor faction acts as a political middleman, and is often used as a postal stop for the two larger factions. 

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