I used to remember when life was simpler, no having to farm for hours just to barely survive, not having to sleep with one eye open because of raiders or something worse... the days of looking at my little mountain town with joy, not melancholy, when meeting new people was exiting, not dangerous, but those days are over, life has gotten rough, but if you want to survive, you also have to get tough

My family, friends and neighbors have been living in this hell hole for over __ months, supplies are going low, we are slowly dying from all this fucking ash, non contaminated water is hard to come by, raiders are frequent and so are skinwalkers, we decided to restore this once calm city.

We started recruiting survivors from other areas, exploring new areas, spreading information to other smaller tribes and factions, that's how the ___ was born, by the people for the people, that idea slowly died, as more and more people started coming in, we needed more supplies to maintain that many people.

It quickly adopted a new constitution, with basic laws and regulations, we built a wall made of junk and cars around the San Luis city, to keep out bandits and skinwalkers, it seemed to be going so well, but then, the famine really got out of proportion, some starved while others died from disease, It seemed that we were doomed , until we met a great ally.

They sent scouts to the north, to see how Denver was.

>Be me, survivor from New Mexico 

>Been living in this new town in South Colorado

>Become a guard, get some oper8or gear 

>They send me to scout for nearby towns and find Denver

>Just have some rations, a radio, flashlight and a Remington 870

>Shits boring

>Rarely see any people

>Usually encounter a pack of wild dogs and rats, they're not much of a threat

>Such is life in the zone

>Suddenly it starts getting cold as shit, must be getting close to Denver, or just because of the ash

>Hear a gunfight, decide to check out what is it

>Some dude in full oper8or gear is fighting some nig-nog bandits

>Oper8 the shit out of the nigs with tacticool accuracy 

>They're dead

>Ranger takes a breath and thanks me for helping him

>Uhhh where did you get tacticool shit?

>"Cheyenne Mountain Complex"

>Shit nigger, he might help our town with food N shiet  

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