Lore Edit

Deep within the Colorado Ashland resides a cult that covets and worship an unknown Ash God called Cinis.

Often raiding and ransacking towns, they take many of those who survived the initial attack and take them deeper within the Ashland's, where they are then stripped naked and ceremoniously nailed to posts and walls. After days of being exposed to the ash, these people eventual turn into one of the cult, a lanky, pale creature. They're swift and fleet footed, their pale greyish skin often blending into the backdrop of the ash. Many of the cults skin are discolored with dips and rises, thought to be caused from the ash ripping away at it.

No one knows where they reside, scouts usually lose them after following them a short distance.

Equipment Edit

They are most often seen wearing long, flowing grey cloaks and robes, covered in ash. Often carrying knives and Hammers, they are deadlier than they seem, with fast reflexes and a savage strength.

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