>Day 397 TEF Cav Scout Division. We just recently made contact with a band of Mercenaries. Friendly bunch and up for hire. They call themselves, the Alaskan Highlanders. almost mistook them for Ashen Raiders. But its plain as a Texas sunny day that they were far better equipped and much more healthy than a malnourished raider. Squad Leader radio'd back to command. We're not the first to make contact. About a handful of other units have already met the Alaskan Highlanders. We were then ordered to escort them back to the nearest outpost. Their experience in the mountainous and tundra landscapes will prove invaluable for tracking raiders and rebels. don't believe command but follow orders anyway

>on way back

>found myself out of breath

>and missing the Summer Sun

>look over at the Highlanders

>just a walk in the park for them

>Damn Highlanders

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