>refugees from Chicago flood into Wisconsin 
>since most of us live out in the boonies, we have alot of guns
>northern Wisconsin basicly uneffected aside from ashclouds and maybe some panic killings
>southern WI is fucked
>massive fleets of civilian boats and house boats flood the great lakes prob
>local militias formed
>Great Lakes Naval Base is fucked over with refugees, Navy recruits attempt to let them in
>fires in Milwaukee as massive firefights start between police and refugees
>national guard and army useless, desertion on a massive scale 
>small flotillas of yachts, transport craft and modified navy training vessels from Great Lakes Naval Station begin to start trade across the Great Lakes
>Northern Militias start to move into Southern Wisconsin to attempt to assist police in pushing back Refugees.
>Eventually Northern Militias are organized and asborbed into the Great Lakes Coalition.
>most people who knew their way around a rifle survived the early days of the event. 
>military units gone rouge, police, fireman. outdoorsmen and people of that kind of demographic, well needless to say they are still around today.
>but the cubicle mice, standard suburban families with 9-5 jobs and high salary's, who had it easy in life
>any problem in their simple pretty lives was solved by a phone call or a quick internet search.
>turns out when a looter is entering your house you couldn't just call 9-11. 
>alot of people died those early days, the families that decided to hunker down with what meager canned goods they could 
>it was worse with those on the road, the people trying to go down south.
>mass hordes of people 
>fucking hordes
>their cars had broken down
>i can recall one scene, on an interstate highway going east.
>back then, we thought that the "governmet" was going to save us
>the "government" was there to feed us
>turns out, the National Guard was just as desperate as us.
>they didnt even bother following orders to halt the civs on the highway.
>just got up and left. probably to find their families
>but one thing that will stick in my mind for the rest of my time in the Great Lakes Coalition 
>is the children
>there was a broken down red minivan,
>on the side of the road
>two kids, one baby
>the two kids were fighting over a can of baby food
>the baby was sitting there crying, obviously getting none of the food
>they just stole the can of food from the baby, and ate it front of him
>the parents did nothing
>stared off into the endless stream of refugees.
>another group of kids where wandering
>"please, i just need a sip of water, my mom and dad, their hurt, please!"
>one kid tripped while begging
>noone even stopped
>i can still hear that little girls screams, while she was fucking trampled
>like i said, the early days were rough


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