The Fraternitas de Corpus Sacramentum are a group of peacekeepers stationed in Sutter's Fort, Sacramento. The group consists of devout members of several nearby churches, as well as AWOL members of the National Guard from the nearby US Army base. 

Santiago, the organization's founder

History[edit | edit source]

The Arming of the Fraternity[edit | edit source]

Two months post-Rupture, members of the Sacramento Baptist Church still lingered around Downtown Sacramento. The ash had reached the city only days after the eruption; still, the future members of the Fraternity stood strong, attending sermons led by Father Santiago every Sunday.

During a sermon on December 3rd, 2017, a wounded, dehydrated Marine stumbled into the church, muttering about "The Unit" . The Marine was treated, given water, and allowed to rest for a few days, after which he introduced himself as Lance Corporal Frank Morris. He warned Santiago and the members of the church about a large raider group settling into Raley Field, across the Sacramento River.

Lance Corporal Frank Morris

Morris led a squad of church members South, to "The Unit", a Marine Reserve base some 40 miles away. The group was engaged several times along the way, ultimately losing three members. They arrived two days later. The base was ransacked and looted, but the armory was sealed tight - Morris, the acting Armory Chief (now, at least), spun the dial and threw open the blast door, exposing a goldmine of weaponry and gear. M16s, M4s, M2s, M240Bs, and even Mk19s - it was all there, about 150 weapons in all, and enough ammo for months. The issue of transportation was an issue for about ten minutes, before Morris found the Humvees. It was a wonder that they hadn't been stolen yet, but the church members accepted it as an act of god. After a quick lesson on the operation of the M240, the group jury-rigged the guns to the turret mounts of the humvees, loaded up all the shit they could carry (MREs included), and headed back North.

Nobody engaged the group on the way home.

The Founding of the Fraternity[edit | edit source]

A week after the mission to the South, Father Santiago approached Morris with an offer to lead his people. Initially hesitant, Morris refused, stating that "it wasn't his place to lead", before accepting the position moments later.

Morris' first order was to shift operations elsewhere; his reasoning being that the Church would be too difficult to defend. Sutter's Fort was decided upon after careful (and brief) deliberation.

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