So anyone here ever actually been inside or the blast crater?

From what I hear from the greyskins (and the occasional drunken ranger), the crater ash can vary from a solid mass to a thousand feet of quick-dust in a single step... and that rivers of molten glass snake through the surface and between the different layers of dust... supposedly they constantly ebb and flow in every direction, "popping" right out of the Big Gray when you least expect it.

But one of the grayskins I met in a bar in New Denver told me a story far stranger; there stands a single structure in the dead center of the great crater. The grayskin braves that go into the great crater don't go closer than a rifleshot to it; but they say from that distance it closely resembles a concrete cube, two or three stories high, featureless save for a entrance way cut straight and clean out of the rock, leading pitch blackness inside. Its been said that no has entered it; a great glass river surrounds the structure and only very sporadically does the "tide" bring it back down underground enough to cross in some areas.... worse yet the grayskin said that the glass is the least of it, that the closer you get the more a "great fear rises up in you"... he told me that outlanders, brought to the structure in search of loot have been seen throwing themselves into the glass after reaching the opposite bank...

Some of the greyskins have a whole mythology for it, saying that it is a physical manifestation of the "noosphere" (what ever the fuck that means) and that if you are worthy to reach the interior you will be granted a single wish by its "inhabitants"....

Of course these people huff dust to get high so I'm probably seeing WAY too much into this insanity. But can anyone else confirm if they have heard anything similar?  

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