The Great Lakes Coalition (GLC) is a faction formed in the northern end of the southern peninsula of Michigan, quickly enveloping the whole state and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. It was formed 9PA (Post Ash-fall) through the combined efforts of remaining emergency response members, ex-military and doomsday preppers. 

Geography[edit | edit source]

The GLC covers the entirety of Michigan, the whole north and eastern side of Wisconsin, the northeast point of Minnesota, and expands down into the northern parts of Illinois, Indiana and a small section of Ohio. It's in the Outer Ashlands where the ash was not as apocalyptic as the Ashlands or Deep/Dead zones.

Illinois Expansion[edit | edit source]

Starting in 10 PA, the Illinois Division of the Great Lakes Coalition engaged in multiple expeditions for the purpose of expanding the borders of the GLC and reinforcing industry in major cities, such as New Chicago with the New Chicago Armory, which was completed in 12 PA. The main expedition in 10 PA and ending in 14 PA dealt with moving southward and conquering major raider occupations like the City of Champaign and the Sangamon River area. Sub-expeditions included finding materials for the New Chicago Armory and fending off the Tennessee Expeditionary Force occupation in Vermillion County, IL. All expeditions resulted in Major southward expansion into Champaign and Vermillion county, and occupation of the Sangamon River.

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