here I stand among the highlands of the mountains of this once green woods that is now lust with ash. As I stand here peering over the distance where there once was open land and fields of scenery now blocked out by the now mournful sight of the now darken hills of ash. That is when my brother comes up by my side after we had got over a good amount of distance from our hometown where our people reside most at.

"hey man, you got to slow down here you don't want to be caught off guard here".

As I turn to look at my brother's tattered leather jacket that had been handmade years ago from our first "hunt" as I look into the face of my brother I spoke up to him

"I know, which is why I have you by my side brother"

I turn my gaze back to the now "deadlands" as we now call it here. He gets up on the rocky hill where I stand as we both stare out in the gray view

"I remember when we first came up here."

I reach down my pocket of my worn out leather jeans that I have. Handmade it myself from one of my hunts and pull out an old flask that I found on a dead guy out here a long time ago.

"yeah I remember that time too, strange isn't it?"

As he says with a rather blank tone in his voice "It's a shame how it all came to this"

Before I took a drink out of the flask that is still filled with moonshine that we both made back at our town my brother points out to the glimps of light over the distance

"you ever wonder what goes on over the gray ashhills?" I take a swig from the flask before handing it to him.

"many times yes but I always end my mind with the same answer"

I turn my stare away from the hills and beacon my brother to come since the day is getting dark now.

"and that answer" I look back to him and say "is that whatever is over those hills I imagine they have it easy then we do here in the Ozark mountains".

I sighed as we begin our descent down the rocky mountains and make our way back to our hometown. I think that anyone outside either be Texans or those from Oklahoma foolish enough to try and venture here to our land if they can manage to make it over the gray ashhills.........may whatever god they believe in give them a painless death before they are slaughtered by the monsters we are trapped with here. "just another day in Arkansas" I tell myself before me and my brother got to town.

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