Recruits are grouped together with other people from their state. They patrol the area in/near that state.

i'm in Nevadan and Enlisted at 17, youngest you can get in. Got sent out to patrol North NV. I Run into Mojave Union sometimes. Become bros, listen to music, play cards, explore ash ruins when we find them. Boring day, nothing but ash for miles. Suddenly fall into hole in the ground. See some furniture, an old tv. Look up, see collapsed sheet metal. This is either a buried shack or a makeshift bunker. See something move in the corner. Climb the fuck out. Call /Mu/bros and /TEF/bros. Ten guys show up. Drop a flash-bang down there. Something scramble to get up and out. Everyone mag-dumps into the thing. Stick-thin, fleshy thing. Skin half-merged with fabric. Face looks like a fucked up version of a nearby bro. What the hell. Hear about Arkansas, and all the shit TEF troops went through there. Can't sleep knowing that there could be more

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