Ashlands: A /k/ Role-Playing Game Wikia


>About a month after Yellowstone erupts, a group of survivors take refuge in the Indy 500



>They begin by building a small town in the center of the complex, with the Hall of Fame being the common building where everyone does official business. 

>The areas around the Speedway, especially to the north, are completely lawless, and though the highways are clogged with cars, most country roads are totally clear.

>The leader of the settlement gets an idea to refurbish the old Indy Cars (many of which are 2-seaters) and turn them into high-speed patrol vehicles. 

>They build filters over the radiators to keep road-ash out, put heavy, offroad tires on them, and kit them out to be used as patrol and interceptor vehicles.

>The Indiana Patrol Force is founded.

>Soon, other locations unite with the IPF and their patrol network expands. 

>Patrol Officers use varied vehicles and equipment depending on which barracks they're stationed from. 

>For example: Near the Speedway, most officers use the refurbished Indy Cars, while the further north you get, the more old muscle cars and regular civilian cars you see. The only thing they all have in common is the IPF badge on the doors of the vehicle. 

>They are armed with everything from old Mosins to tactical ARs, as well as heavy weapons mounted to their vehicles, which includes a short blowback, black powder geavy machine gun that can be built in a blacksmith's shop if need be. 

>Their zone of control stops just below South Bend, and just north of Louisville. 

>Usually their barracks are renovated century-old mansions, which can be found dotting the Indiana countryside. Their garages are usually polebarns or other modular structures, and they use partially-buried shipping containers as armories.