Once the Alaskan gold rush ended in 1899, Kennecott was abandoned and became a National Park in 1998. Kennecott is located in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska and was a boomtown that mined massive quantities of Copper and Gold ore until the veins went dry. With the eruption, came earthquakes in Canada that turned up earth. One day, a scavenger came across the ruins of Kennecott and discovered the Gold and Copper rich caverns within the ground in 34 PA. Years later, the Scavenger passed away but not before telling his son about the unexploited riches within the complex cave systems of Kennecott. He assembled a workforce and soon gold and copper were flowing at a steady rate out of Alaska through the Alaskan Highway to be sent throughout the Wasteland. Most of the ore is sent to Denver and Californian forges. There have even been minute traces of Alaskan Copper traveling as far east as New Chicago.

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