>On LRP in The Colorado Wastes

>Walking through empty streets

>Ash falls like snow

>Two foot deep

>Sweating heavily under ASHPAT camo

>Rebreather rattling

>At least I earned my Oakleys before leaving

>Comfortable as fuck

>Block out glare and UV rays

>See movement out of corner of eye

>Whole fireteam stops, drops and polices streets

>Sights don't work innaash, only ironsights

>Slowly track rifle over old weed dispensary

>Remember back to the Colorado's picking weed over firearm rights

>Don't see anything

>Ash-Vamp lurches out of the Ash, wrapped in ashrags

>Androgenous, long-haired, baggy clothes, lip and ears pierced with a ring

>Wears tatty, ironic Grateful Dead t-shirt and slim jeans

>Hit in face with stone butt-plate of rifle

>Remember complaining about bizzare ruling at the Military Senate

>Works like a charm, stone furniture on a rifle

>Go through pockets of dead stoner

>Find archaic pipe, couple of rocks, several round casings, cut band t-shirt patch and tie to motorcycle as trophy

>Others include Weezer, Coldplay, The Black Keys and The Cure

>Such is life in the Colorado Wastes

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