173/365 days of deployment

2nd Alaskan Highlanders, Highway Security team Delta

The Good thing about the long harsh Northern winters for us is trade basically flows to zilch. That also means any raiders who think they can make it rich by striking the Alaskan Highway also vanish. The thing with winter is that a few traders try to get up to Fairbanks or Whitehorse. Each trader puts in an estimated time arrival where if they do not make it by then we have to go our and search for them .This ends up mostly with us finding the trader frozen and dead or he makes It to his destination a few days late but it's mainly the first. The team is on one of those missions now. We soon find a man huddled next to a small fire by an over turned semi. Guy has frostbite on all his fingers, it's been a steady -50 for the past two weeks. Team is surprised this guy is still alive. Team leader radios command saying we found him alive and needs medi-vac to Whitehorse. Wrapped him in blankets, loaded him in the apc, gave him some luke-warm water and sped off for command. Shame he'll loose most of his fingers, but that's life up here in the north.

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