The Lone Fort State is a Republic primarily based in Texas but has power in New Mexico,Oklahoma,Arkansas and Western Louisiana Areas. As the Southern Hald of the State was spared from the Ashfall and the rest of the state was located within the southern Outer Ashlands. Forged from the Chaos that was the Eruption, The Lone Fort State expanded into surrounding areas.

History of the Lone Fort StateEdit

The Lone Fort State originated as an allance between the forces of a former preacher and a former oil magnate, and quickly evolved into a paramilitary organization, taking control of several Texan oil refineries and infrastructure, allowing it the economic means to evolve into one of the strongest post-rupture nation-states, quickly enveloping the remains of Texas and much of the surrounding area. Currently, their army, the Texas Expeditionary Forces, is attempting to expand into Louisiana and the Outer Ashlands.

Government Edit

Within the Lone Fort State, they looked on its past to show how to better server the Lone Fort State, It is a Consitutional Republic with its Capital Located in Pre-Eruption Austin. The Republic has a total of 23 representatives from each of the districts within the LFS.

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