>Ride out of the Lone Fort State to put down Gulf-Coast Insurgents

>Screaming down the coast on an salvaged crusier motorcycle

>Heading to F.O.B Alamo down South in Azteca Badlands

>Linking up with the L.R.P.G (Long Ranger Patrol Group) en-route

>All of the T.E.F have flags flying from their rear

>Come And Take Them

>Remember The Alamo

>Cold Dead Fingers

>You May All Go To Hell, And I Shall Go To Texas

>Dr Pepper 'Till I die

>Ride hard to sounds of Motorhead and Iron Maiden screaming form each bike

>Arrive in time, F.O.B Alamo already under attack

>Straight to the frontline

>Hear own breathing from ash-filter

>In the distance hundreds of coked up Insurgents

>Magic Marching Dust gives them speed and strength

>Nickname them Crack-Zombies for their speed and strength

>They lack tech and rely on raiding convoys

>They charge F.O.B across the narrow bridge

>Fifty strong team defend it

>Raised on stories of Republic of Texas bravery and fighting spirit

>All imagine we are in those stories as we fight and die for our beloved Republic

>All of us laughing and singing battle-hyms as we await the inevitable

>Our Militant-Baptism commends dying in the defense of loved ones the greatest of glories

>All of us love our beloved Lone Fort State

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