New Chicago Armory M-45Edit

1.      [Description]
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The NCA M-45A1 Carbine, chambered in .45 ACP.

 The NCA M-45A1 is a fully-auto-only carbine built from simple materials for use by the Great Lakes Coalition military forces. It is fed from a removable magazine and is an open-bolt design. The NCA M-45A1 went through 3 prototype runs before settling on a final variant. It is currently the standard-issue firearm for frontline troops in the GLC Illinois Division.

2.      [History] In 7 PA, the Great Lakes Coalition's Combat Department commissioned a compact, simple carbine for frontline troops in urban areas. The response to that was the development of the .45 ACP, fully automatic carbine known as the NCA M-45A1. The NCA M-45A1 and its subsequent prototypes were developed at the Great Lakes Coalition Manufacturing Institution stationed in New Rockford, IL.  There, head designer and scientist [REDACTED] developed a the prototype that would end up being the final design. 

3.      [Technical Specifications] The current-issue M-45A2 uses the .45 ACP pistol cartridge in standard 40-round magazines.  It is an open-bolt system with select-fire capabilities between semi-auto and 4 round burst. It features a second vertical grip, a retracting wire stock, leaf sights for longer range encounters, and a 10-inch barrel for maximum optimization of the .45 ACP round. It is currently manufactured in the New Chicago Armory as well as the [REDACTED] Armory in Michigan.

4.      [Variants/Prototypes] The M-45 went through various stages of development, in which all variants saw active combat use which aided in the refinement of the weapon over a period of time.

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The first prototype of the M-45, the XM-45A.

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The XM-45B. Although slightly improved, it was not as well-regarded as the first or third of the prototypes.

[XM-45A] The first prototype manufactured was the XM-45A, which used a standard full-bodied rifle stock, not unlike an old world M14. It had fully automatic capabilities and was fed with the same ammunition and magazines. however, while slightly maneuverable, the rifle was large and not as light as its following designs. However, it was perfectly functional. A recorded 200 XM-45A rifles were used in the Battle of Champaign.

[XM-45B] The second prototype, the XM-45B, was a major shift in cosmetic appearance and overall length and weight of the rifle. the full-body stock was removed in lieu of an AK-style stock and the bolt mechanism was changed. However, this lead to malfunctions, which greatly hindered the effectiveness of the carbine in battle. It was dropped in 8 PA in favor of the final design, which is still used today.

[M-45A2] The M-45A2 is a slightly upgraded version of the standard M-45A1. It features a second vertical grip below the front sight post, and also boasts a select-fire capability. However, the fully automatic fire function was removed in favor of a 4-round burst in order to preserve ammunition, as well as adding a semi-automatic function.

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