>Many who sit down with Alaskans will hear them go on and on about trade or the Alaskan Highway
>that is because for us it is the lifeblood of our nation, and for many a way of life
>Many talk about how Fairbanks is the main hub of trade coming in and out of Alaska.
> Two freinds who traded in the Far north with the TEF, or the many factions along California found most of their buisness were with people on the coast.
>They took the money they made and moved down to Anchorage and bought a peice of land along the harbor and declared they would build a shipyard
>most thought they were insane and that they would never complete the ship because most ways they knew of were too expensive
>for months, teams of dogs, men, and sometimes trucks hauling lumber would travel through Anchorage to the shipyard
>For months the shipyard worked constantly, steam from the steamboxes rising into the sky, the caulkers going about the ship waterproofing every square inch of it, and the sounds of hammers, machines, and men at work.
>In may it was completed, the whole city went to see it off on its maden voyage
> They were met by an absolutly massive five masted schooner, beautifully sittingn just waiting to be put in the water
> While trading on the Highway the two freinds read about Percy & Smalls massive Schooners and saw that it could be profitable in this new world we live in.
>before it was launched the ceremonial bottle of champagne broke as the ship was named aloud
> This beautiful sailing ship would be called "Aurora"
>Shortly after it slid into the water and was tested to see if it would float and sail, a constant stream of goods traveled to it day and night
>It wasn't until mid-June when it truly cast off for its maiden voyage
>she was carrying nearly 3,000 tons of metals, coal, and food stuff which would be delivered to San Francisco
>As she sailed off under the bright summer sun, everyone knew a new age of trade in the north had just begun
-Alaskan Highlanders

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