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New Chicago Armory M22 []

    1. [Description] The NCA-M22 is an unrifled, single shot bolt gun of varying caliber (.22lr and most 22 caliber rounds smaller in size), constructed from simple hardware store materials. The design went through 2 renditions before settling on a final rendition for maximum optimization of as few parts as possible. The firearm is currently mass-manufactured at the heavily-guarded New Chicago Armory, based in New Chicago, Illinois.

A deluxe model NCA-M22 bolt gun, fit with an oil filter suppressor, circa 14 PA

    2. [History] In 11 PA, the Illinois Division of the Great Lakes Coalition amassed about half of their men and almost 3/4 of the ammunition reserve on an expedition southward with the intent to scavenge any and all hardware and related paraphernalia. 427 days later, the expedition was cut short due to food rationing and severe casualties. Despite the unforseen results, the expedition resulted in a haul of 4234.5 lb of hardware material, of which 645.3 lb was lost in a raid on the New Chicago Armory.
    After allocating security resources to guarding the newly-acquired equipment, the Illinois Division requested 500 non-combatant personnel for mass manufacturing in a warehouse in the western region of New Chicago. While the expedition was ongoing, the Great Lakes Coalition obtained manufacturing equipment for ammunition from an abandoned ammunition factory in the Iowa Ashlands. After the expedition and allocating security resources to the newly-established armory, manufacturing was ready to start immediately. Manufacturing started in 13 PA, and has been continuing ever since, making the New Chicago Armory a popular destination.
    3. [Technical Specifications] The NCA-M22 is chambered for .22lr, .22 Long, and .22 Short. Both the deluxe and standard model are fitted with unrifled barrels. The end of the standard edition barrel sports a 1/2x28" thread, however, the Deluxe model includes a thread adaptor for a randomly picked oil filter of varying brand. Oil filter brands selected include Mobil, Royal Purple, Purpolator, Fram, and ACDelco.
    4. [Civilian Use] The NCA-M22 has seen slight militia activity, but is most popular with citizens within the boundaries of the Great Lakes Coalition. As concealed carry is unrestricted, many choose it as a sidearm due to the extremely cheap price point of the firearm and the ammunition.