February 14, 12 PA, New Chicago Expedition

It's fucking cold out and I don't want to be here. We've been going through the same 2 mile back-and-forth for the past 3 weeks and it's driving me crazy. Our CO is playing favorites with the ass-kissing PFC's so obviously they get the blankets and us at the rear get completely shafted, so Tony and I have been sharing a sleeping bag for warmth. Conditions are awful, and deviating from the trail is a big no-no. We're only here for hardware supplies and nothing more. A couple of guys in the back of the convoy tried stopping at a Radioshack for some equipment for our ham shack up in Rockford but the CO stepped in and beat the shit out of them. I'm getting sick of that dude. He's a total asshole and I KNOW he's responsible for Matthew's death. Everyone does, he knows it too. I'll get him one day. For now, we just go back and forth, picking up nuts and bolts and putting them in garbage bags, taking them back to the rendezvous point, rinse, and repeat for weeks on end. God.

-Roy, 12th Armored Division

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