New Venice is a small location in the Northwestern Outer Ash zone comprised of survivors of the mega tsunami brought on by the eruption of yellowstone. Located in the Puget sound metropolitan area, The sea levels have reached plus 50 feet in certain areas. It Is marked by constant warfare and raids by the numerous, less organized rival city states that comprise the greater Pacific North West area.    

Although too small to conduct large scale patrols or operations into the ash, the CPG assist the Alaskan Highlanders in keeping the Vital NorthWest Trade corridor open in exchange for military assistance and trade rights.

Description[edit | edit source]

New Venice, A murky ocean dotted with man made islands, jutting out of the surface reaching for the ever gray sky, as if reaching out for a salvation that will never come.

New Venice, 
The water here has the consistency of concrete, bog water mixed with equal parts ash, dread and bodies of the drowned. Impossible to see underneath, don't step in, the water is not fine. It will consume you.

New Venice,
What used to be a sprawling metropolis nestled between the Puget sound and Interstate 5. Used to be before the tsunami wiped out most of the life in this metropolis that is.

New Venice,
Command and Control are not found here. Majority rule of the northern region was surrendered to heavy handed warlords, gangs, drug/arms dealers, and thieves all trying to carve an empire out of this lawless city. Maybe, just maybe if your lucky a local might take pity on you, and only rob you and not rob you and kill you.

The South remains somewhat stable, under a tough but fair junta headed by survivors from the 2nd Ranger battalion and the 3rd SF group formerly stationed at what used to be JBLM. Many who formed this provisional junta either chose to stay or simply could not get back to their familes. The junta has had some luck stabilizing roughly 30 percent of new Venice with help from the Alaskan Highlander patrols, but even the most stalwart avoid the northern I-5 corridor. Traders by nature these men only see risk vs reward.

New Venice, 
A microorganism that is highly reminiscent of the post eruption Pacific North West as a whole. City states, each to their own, of varied numbers, strengths and dispositions. patchwork tribes and confederacies, popping up and dissolving within a fortnight. Shrewd politicians establishing alliances, commencing trade, declaring war and breaking deals, or breaking less shrewd politicians. Other city states simply opt to take by force, war-bands and war-chiefs meet each others armies to fight for resources in the ash.

Location[edit | edit source]

New Venice.png

New Venice comprises of the Greater puget sound area, and is in a state of constant turmoil. The CPG and the CPG trained militias struggle to keep the southern third of New Venice a green zone while the northern 2/3rds have become a active war-zone. Sectarian violence and widespread mass looting, murder, theft, robbery and rape are common in some of the more lawless areas, while local strongmen and warlords keep their parts of New Venice together with either promises of loot and glory or swift and severe punishment.

Alaskan Highlander Territory[edit | edit source]

Lighthouse Point.png

CPG held New Venice is an Important stop for Alaskan Highlanders on their way south to trade with the Lone Fort State and the Mohave Union. Due to the chaotic nature of living in the ash-lands, plus the internal and external strife, the CPG has very little power projection and falls under Alaskan Highlander Patrol areas, often assisting the Highlanders with patrols to and from New Venice. The Highlander FOB Lighthouse Point serves as a major stop for sea based trade to the lower 48. and much safer passage than the land based land corridor

Greater Cascadian Region In Washingtion[edit | edit source]

Greater New Venice Area.png

The Greater Cascadian Region is in the ash-lands, primarily the Outer Zone making life tough and difficult. Considered the savage lands by some, With no formal regional government strong enough to unite the Cascadians and falling under many jurisdictions, some would call it the new wild west. It is formed of many Tribes, Confederacies, Militias, Arms/Drug running gangs, Dominions, and city states all struggling for power, prestige, and scarce resources in the ash.

Founding And History[edit | edit source]

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