>Personal log of [REDACTED] call sign "Ashdiver," A team, 42nd SRG, "Canvasbacks," Military of the Confederacy. 
>Date MAY 16 3 PA
>We've had a few months after the shitshow at FOB Phoenix (See Operations report: RED CLOVER)where we lost [REDACTED] (Skydevil) and [REDACTED] (Whiporwill) was wounded. The doctors say he'll never walk again. (Probably get away with using their real names now, seeing as how they're no longer part of the unit. We'll see though, the Bureau of Information Control gets awful jittery when it comes to us "deniable assets")
>So it's just me and Grey Fox, the team lead, for this one. Badger and Tarheel are back home putting hopefuls through their paces.
>Which is great, actually, because Badger is terrified of water, and we're sitting at about 250m below the surface in a Typhoon class Russian sub.
>I was stunned when they gave us the initial brief. A Russian nuclear submarine operating on the East coast as mercenaries was too much to believe. I didn't, at first, until they introduced us to the Captain.
>He was tall, and dresses simply. Long wool coat, black boots, his hair was steel grey and cropped short. His beard still had some black in it, but had mostly gone to white. He walked with a commanding gait, but it was easy to spot that he was more used to a rolling deck beneath his feet.
>"Gentlemen," he said with a faint Eastern bloc accent, "I've been informed that youre in need of some transportation."
>We spoke for awhile, trading pleasantries and taking measure of each other, and parted ways not long after. His English was impeccable, his intellect fierce. I began to wonder how this man came to where he was today.
>Our mission is to travel clandestinely by submarine to the NEC, where we will imbed with Coalition forces and train an infiltrator unit. The reason for all the cloak and dagger? The NEC is on the brink of war with one of our major trade partners, the ADF. It wouldn't do for them to discover that we are training an elite unit for their soon to be enemies.
>Why are we training an elite infiltrator unit for the soon to be enemies of our trade partner? Who knows, I'm sure some analyst will use this for his book in 50 years, ask him. 
>To me, all that mattered was that I had a boat to catch.

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