Republic of the Ozarks seal

the seal of the Republic of the Ozarks.

The Republic of the Ozarks is located in the heart of the Midwest, on what used to be the state of MO. The republic was officially formed in 11PA by various cities and farmers in the Ozark lakes area and became what it is today by 19PA. its main source of power and income is the lake of the Ozarks and the Mississippi river, being a trade and manufacturing powerhouse. The republic's standing military is famous for its expeditionary forces which it sends throughout the continent on missions that range from exploration of unclaimed land, resource scouting, to relations missions to other established nations and factions.   
  • History and borders 

the Republic of the Ozarks was officially formed around 11PA, on the lake of the ozarks, in a newly founded city known simply as "Ozark City". Many of the surrounding farms joined in a mutual defense pact, taking advantage of the city's manpower in exchange for favorable prices on commodities. As more and more farms eagerly requested Ozark City's protection, leaders saw the need for a more robust governance structure and thus the Republic of the Ozarks was born. over time, many farms and city states were annexed, and the republic grew all the way to the Mississippi river. it was around this time that the city state of "Old St. Louis" was convinced to join in 14PA. after the peaceful annexation of Old St. Louis, the republic thought it would be best to venture along the Mississippi in order to secure the valuable trade route for its agricultural trade interests. by 16PA, the entire Missouri section of the Mississippi river and all the westward offshoots were secured and annexed by the Republic. also in 16PA, the city of Ft. Scott was established. this city is built around the military hub of the Republic, Scott AFB. in the following year, the city state of Kansas city was contacted about joining up. the Republic head heavy interest in them joining due to their manufacturing prowess, and so they gave they city lucrative benefits, such as protection from the nearby ashzone. they joined in July of 17PA. around 19PA was the beginning of the Carlyle lake expansion, one of the Republics most ambitions endeavor. the Carlyle lake had many farmers, workers and traders who wished to join the Republic due to its good trade and protection. normally, such a query would be turned down, but due to the lakes prominent status and abundance of resources, a detachment consisting of 10 platoons of expeditionary forces was sent to the lake to secure and annex the area. however, warlords surrounding the area do not like the idea of having such a state be so close their territory, so they banded together in an attempt to force the Republic out. and so, the Carlyle conflict has been ongoing ever since. but recently the warlords seem to be getting driven back.   

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  • Expeditionary Forces 

the republic has expeditionary forces that travel all across the continent, in missions that range anywhere from exploring the ashlands, searching out for tribes and city states, all the way to relations missions the the territories and factions the the north and south of them.the expeditions can last anywhere from a few months the a few years. the expeditionary forces are the second main focus of the republics military, sending out dozens of expeditions at a time. he amount of men in an expedition can range anywhere from 10-30 typically, however larger expeditions are assembled when it is determined they may need it. some expeditions also employ low flying aircraft reconnaissance, but the republics "airforce" is an airforce in the loosest sense of the word, nothing like the airforces of the countries of the old world were.most expeditions travel on foot, but larger expeditions use troop transport trucks to get around, and a few expeditions will use refurbished tanks or APCs to get across really rough terrain. the expeditionary forces are pretty well known. most reasons for people joining range from farmhands wanting a more exiting life, to seeking fame or fortune in the wastes. however, another common reason for joining is citizenship. people often wish to gain citizenship to the republic, and the easiest way to do this is to join the military and serve at least two expeditions or tours. some people even go in for citizenship because they saw some expeditionary forces and wanted to join up, so they join just to be apart of them. 

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