its been 2 years since yellowstone blew. seems like longer life is so much different now, all of my friends I once knew are long gone, my family missing or dead. I was visiting with my family in eastern Utah when it happened. at first all that could be heard was a low rumbling, my dad and I ran outside to see a huge black cloud rising from the north. No birds or animals, just a roar that grew steadily louder as the soot loomed in the distance. All any of you have seen was the endless falling ash, but first came the wildfires. the blast lit a firestorm that burned for weeks, and until it was snuffed out by the ash it was the only light to be seen, glowing in the dark under the clouds of soot and ash. While the fiber lines were still operational, we saw news coverage of the disaster. Earthquakes in California, Washington, Oregon and Midwest. Eruptions in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, throughout the pacific's ring of fire. The Military was mobilized immediately, ready for the strike that never came. The reports of fire and global economic collapse began rolling in before the power and fiber lines went down. the last thing I saw on that tv was an image taken from the ISS. my heart sunk at the sight of the black cloud spreading across the earth.

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