I live in the Federation of New Columbia, rightful inheritor to the title of United States, or so it claims. We were spared the ash that blanketed most of the country when Yellowstone decided to go. The ashlanders don't dare to come this far east. But, it's just really fucking cold now, although at least the weather is more consistent. That's the good news, anyways. The FNC is poorly armed compared to the rest of the former United States, for obvious reasons.

Relations with the Carolina Commonwealth and Greater York are generally lukewarm, although they both act as effective buffers. Life in the FNC mostly consists of farming potatoes and other root vegetables and fighting off warbands that come down from Quebec when the weather gets cold, or sea raiders from Nova Scotia. Due to the relative lack of resources, the FNC lacks a standing army, instead relying on an armed citizenry that can be called up as needed. There is a fairly weak central government with member generally doing their own thing.

Such is life in former New England


The CC regularly patrols the NC coast, and supplies them with rudimentary supplies, for little in trade aside from fish and potatoes. Why? Because the NC is frequently a target of the raiding bands of gangers, cannibals, an ne'er do wells that constantly harass the CC and threaten to overrun Virginia. By splitting their targets up, they never build up enough momentum to shatter the beleaguered forces manning the Mason Dixon line, or the poor farmer up North.

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