>day 515

>TEF Walker Company

>my company was recalled from the Ashlands and sent back to the Lone Fort State

>Everyone was up with joy about this and a few got drunk early

>well almost everyone

>The Captain and First Sergeant didnt celebrate

>they looked as if they knew something they weren't telling us

>Anyways i didn't care too much and drank some of the whiskey the Carolina's sent us

>Day 516

>Woke up with a migraine throbbing against my brain

>along with everyone else who drank too much

>didnt matter too much 

>we managed to reach courser ash and the Captain radio'd for a Convoy to pick us up

>most of us slept on the way back

>the threat of being attacked was still high

>no one seemed to care

>We were going back to Texas and thats all that mattered

>Day 527

>home again

>Day 533

>TEF Walker Company

>When we were recalled from the Ashlands I didn't think we would be redeployed 

>at least not this soon

>it appears that a super hurricane ripped through Florida and fucked up TEF controlled territory in former Southern Louisiana 

>Units since then have gone missing

>Command thinks Ashen Raiders, but that would be impossible 


>Day 535

>there are things in the swamp

>we already lost 4 men

>not sure how

>one second they're with our patrol

>the next they've vanished and we could hear the gurgling of their last breaths beneath the new ash swamps

>we're not equipped for this

>we haven't seen any hostile yet but we're being picked off

>The Captain orders us to press forward

>we do but who knows who might be the next one to be picked off

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