---Background Information---

>Day Zero plus 516

>Hurricane Sam has devastated the Gulf Coast and South Florida 3 months ago

>Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana have formed the the Gulf Coast Conglomerate; forming their Capitol at the Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform

---Personal Log of [REDACTED]---

--Serial Number [REDACTED]--

>This is possibly the worst assignment I could have gotten

>I was disqualified to serve before Yellowstone, but now they need everyone they can get

>Dixie Diver sounded like such a great title

>And goddamn did that unifrom look nice

>But all I do now is pull bodies from the waves

>At least now we can go out on missions

>For the 1st month we were on station, there was nothing

>Black seas and black skies were all we saw from the coastline

>But god it's gotten worse

>I can see their faces still, staring at me from their windows and cars

>With lungs filled with ash and water

>Even worse is that I never see them until they are near to my face

>The ash clouds the water to a dull grey with visibility near zero

>The low freq Sonar can only pick out large shapes, and we have to investigate ourselves

>I know you hate to hear this, but I'm applying for transfer to and Expeditionary Unit moving to assist in the Zone

>I can't look at the water like I used to. All I see are those who died there

>I want you to come with me, but if you choose to stay; heres me and my team when things were better

>I love you

---End of Log---


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