After the eruption we first felt fortunate. Living in the north east we found ourselves relatively untouched by the ash clouds and still had some contact with the rest of the world. It wasn't long though until the refugees came, and Boston fell into anarchy. It seemed like our little safe haven was due to collapse under the strain. . but before the end, help came from an unlikely place. . They claimed to be remnants of the US government, still alive and looking to bring the country out of this nightmare. . we just assumed they had disbanded after the eruption . whoever they were, they were effective . after a few months, they tamed Boston, and reestablished ties to the world. . Soon, aid was rolling into the area like never before . as things improved rumors began to spread . What good is the US government if most of the state's refuse to even recognize their authority? . It wasn't long before the announcement made it official . sanctioned expeditions would be sent to the other states to establish contact. These expeditions were filled with an assortment of volunteers from the NEC, though oddly enough, very few were refugees. . For many natives, it caused a bit of resentment . these people were let into our homes, but when the time came to re-establish control over their land, they refused. . The ones who ventured out would soon get a taste of why they refused to leave as they approached the outskirts of NYC . While the NEC survived untouched, Boston wasn't, and if it wasn't for the timely arrival of help, the anarchy of the city would have spread . NYC was the proof, and it stopped the expedition cold . Their were rumors of barbarism, but nothing confirmed . When they entered the city they found blue helmets on pikes, the world offered its aid to the Big Apple, and the city cut it off . After a very brief firefight, the expedition, outgunned and unprepared, retreated . If the NEC was to expand, the city would have to be dealt with, it was only a matter of time until whoever was still alive there began making their own raids outside the city . and the NEC was an obvious target.  

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