The Dead Zone is within the Immediate Vicinity of the Yellowstone Crater, It is reported that there is no life in the dead zone, but much riches to be found if one were to survive. So far nobody who has ventured into the Dead Zone have made it out alive.

Near the Crater[edit | edit source]

Some folk say Yellowstone is still burning I didn't believe them until I saw my first firestorm The strong winds blowing smoldering ashes and chunks of half-molten rock across the wastes A black wall on the horizons, with portions of it glowing like hellfire It reminded me of an old country song

- Anonymous, unknown. Found scrawled on a wall in the Outer Ashlands.

Disturbances in geography, topography and bizarre weather[edit | edit source]

It is said the Dead zone conjures massive ash and thunderstorms, sometimes firestorms that rage from the crater, burning a whirlwind of hell throughout the Dead Zone, Escaping to the Deep Zone and Sometimes Making it out to the outer Ashlands. The Ground it self is Unstable, Constantly shifting and shaking. large canyons and sinkholes can seemingly appear out of nowhere, consuming all caught in its fall. Some of the Ashlander Tribas have come to call these firestorms the "tears of the mountain".

Post Rupture and Ashfall[edit | edit source]

Both the Deep and Dead zones were hit hard, most areas being completely wiped of life. Entire Cities can be found frozen in time, the faces of the people who died there, running, crying, stuck in gridlock, or embracing their loved ones forever preserved reminiscent of ancient Pompeii.

Chaos Post Rupture[edit | edit source]

immediately after the Rupture the Cities and towns in the surrounding areas were devastated by the waves of hellfire and ash that had befallen upon them. It seemed the Deep zone suffered the worst of fates; Rather than dying in the initial ash fall like the inhabitants of the Dead zone, the Dwellers of the Deep zone suffered much more due to the after effects and close proximity to the eruption.

The First Firestorm[edit | edit source]

The first firestorm killed anything that survived the Initial ash waves, Hell on earth didn't even begin to describe what unfolded in the Deep Zone. Like cannonballs, chunks of semi-hard lava removed limbs and the subsequent wave of flaming debris and ash cauterized the wounds. What wasn't ripped off was degloved by the sheer force. Rivers of molten slag sweap away entire towns in the blink of an eye, the deafened, concussed survivors barely having any time to react to the intense heat igniting the air around them before being dragged along by metric tons of molten magma, rock and metals.In their last moments, they wished they had died in the eruption.

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