Great Lakes Coalition

The tales I overhear from most survivors in our area joke that they thought winter decided to screw them early. The ash layer was minimal along most of Lake Michigan but word from the West was unnerving. Most of the region benefited from broad manufacturing and the ability to transport resources and capital along the lakes. Teams quickly secured the Manitowoc Shipyards and the naval station north of the Chicago. Chicago has been burning since the ash first fell, once they realized the government couldn’t do anything to provide the massive resources and logistical infrastructure needed to keep such a population calm and compliant roving gangs and looters quickly tore the city apart. Leaders in Wisconsin sent a battalion of their Badgers in hopes of keeping the violence from spreading to the northern and western regions. Those drunken chaps started calling themselves “The Great Cheese Curtain” a homage to Cold War Berlin. Puny Bastards. Many of the salvaged naval vessels had their guns removed and repurposed around the outer colonies, some went to guard ports and other various strategic positions. With the Lakes being controlled by the coalition there was really no reason for the naval arms to remain shipboard, it also allows more goods to move along her waters

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