History Edit

The Penn Technocracy was founded 3 months after the yellowstone eruption. Penn State, being an agricultural college, was able to solve it's food problems, with the ash assisting with fertilization of crops. In 3 YPA, the Technocracy began to assimilate the surrounding areas and became major faction in it's small, immediate area. After their first successful expedition in 3 YPA, an expansion of territory occurred and more expeditions were launched. In 5 YPA, the Technocracy launched the "Great Expedition" into the Deep zone. There, it recovered much lost knowledge and became a industrial and scientific powerhouse, though it lacks the territory, or motivation to become a major faction. If, however, the Council decided to pursue that status, much land east of the Technocracy remains unclaimed, and would cement The Penn Technocracy as a major military and trade power in the region.

The Great Expedition Edit

The Great Expedition was a mission undertaken from 5-8 YPA. This 3 year expedition was the largest undertaken by the Technocracy since it's founding. It involved over 1,000 personnel, 300 Armored vehicles and 1 AH-64D Apache Longbow (Repaired and first used during the expedition). During this expedition, the Technocracy gained priceless amounts of lost technology and made it's first contact with west cost factions such as the UDA and The Republic of the Ozarks. The ending of the Great Expedition gave the Penn Technocracy a good look at the reality of such a large scale operation. The total losses accumulated by the Technocracy included 524 personnel casualties (283 KIA and 241 WIA), 182 destroyed/inoperable armored vehicles, and innumerable logistical losses. Despite the high attrition rate of the campaign, the PT reaped the hard won spoils of their journey. Among the recovered items includes

  • Partially completed physical design documents for the M2 Bradley
  • A recovered AH-64D Apache
  • Records of Deep Zone unique phenomena

A second expedition is planned to venture further south towards whatever remains of texas and possibly mexico.

Relations with other Ashlands Factions Edit

Major Factions Edit

  • Appalachian Defense Force: Whilst technically residing in the ADF's territory, the Penn Technocracy maintains a amiable relationship, sovereignty, as well as a trade agreement, with them.
  • Republic of New York: While diplomatic talks are non existent, mainly due to neither side caring about the other, Large amounts of trade takes place between the two.
  • Republic of the Ozarks: While a new contact for the Penn Technocracy, a large amounts of diplomacy and trade has taken place after first contact during the Great Expedition.
  • United Denver Army: Encountered during the end of the Great Expedition, a trade agreement was quickly established between the PT and UDA for the UDA's AK pattern rifles.
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