The Whitelanders are those who inhabit the Whitelands, primarily survivors from the area, their descendants, and friends/ spouses acquired in from the Dakota Territories or the Great Lakes Coalition. Prior to the acquisition of the single religion, there used to non stop warfare among these people over hunting rights, now with a single unified task shared by the whitelanders as part of their religion, as well as the diminished population and related territory disturbances, war has nearly died out. However, the group wills till kill on site all non whitelanders, unless they are visiting nearby territories.


The whitelanders live exclusively in small groups of 12-30 individuals called culls. Religious fanatics, they are fiercely territorial towards outsiders in the whitelands, however while at trading posts outside of the whitelands, they are known to calm their aggression and are willing to socialize with non whitelanders. Within the whitelands, they will kill on site any non whitelander. They are a nomadic group, traveling to the northern most limits of the whitelands during the summer for hunting and the harvest of furs. during the winter they head to the southern limits, where they often trek to the Dakota territories, GLC, East Canada, or some of the southern areas of Alaska to trade the furs for goods the people cannot make themselves. During the winter, the whitelanders will find spouses at the trading posts from other culls or the citizens of the visited territory. Women are often found within the cull, however pregnant women or those with children are left behind in the culls chosen trading territory. Once the children are 6, they are picked up by the cull, and when the woman no longer has young children, she shall rejoin the cull. Pack horses are a very common sight amongst the whitelanders.


The whitelanders share a single universal religion, worshipping the "Cold Angel". A being of pure ice that ensures the longevity of the whitelanders in return for ensuring the "cleanliness" of the whitelands. In short, they kill any who does not share their religion found within the whitelands. this religion picked up 8 years post ash


The whitelanders are usually found wrapped head to toe in the furs of game, usually cut and sewed into strips that are then wrapped around each limb individually, with a large whole fur draped on the back. As for their bodies, they have since become white, not pale, but white as the snow, with silver hair, and large muscled (an average 6'0 male will weigh north of 250 lbs, with minimal body fat) bodies. These changes first became apparent following the mass conversion of the whitelanders to worshipping the Cold Angels, when asked they say the Great One is recreating their bodies in his image. Children of the whitelanders grow and appear as any normal human would, however following their first migration with their respective cull, the changes begin to appear.


the whitelanders primarily speak an accented English, however with a vary unique vocabulary

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