-The Survival years (0-5 PA): Conflict against early raiders, other humans, and the ever-present loss of food. Massive amounts of refugees strain the cities as food stops coming in from farms out west. No innaash expeditions.

-The Fallen years (5-9 PA): Early factions begin to form, conflicts mainly revolve around food and water. Raiders and early ashbeasts are main hostiles (just the ones that aren't truly mutated, those like tusks are common.) The US government falls into complete anarchy, as local governments and post rupture alliances begin to take its place. The ashen sky now dominates the scenery, and harsh ashstorms are common, killing many of the survivors who made it through the first 5yrs. A few innaash expeditions out of necessity, searching for food. The first Grauhaandler tribes form.

The Imperial Years (9-15 PA):

Out of the ashes of the fallen years the surviving communities form alliances and begin to spread, encompassing most of their current territory by the end of this period, hastened by reclaimed infrastructure. The first major innaash expeditions occur, attempting to reclaim lost industrial tech and military gear. It's relatively peaceful on the east coast, as the harsh winters of the Fallen Years killed off most raiders (with the exception of some out west, where the warm coastal climate keeps those such as the Oakland gangs alive.) Most conflict is with ashbeasts, showing the first signs of mutation.

The Sovereign Years (15-Current PA): The factions of the Imperial years have swollen, and now are eyeing each other hungrily. The period starts with the Bayou war, when GR forces encountered those of the LFS while scavenging in Louisiana, mistaking each other for raiders and causing a war between the two powers. As if on cue, the war between the GR and LFS ignites hostilities between the other factions, who all aim to gain a piece of each other for reasons of state, attempting to claim vast territories in the outer ash for farming, and raiding hostile states constantly. Ash beasts now show shocking signs of adapting to their new climate, posing high risks to the multitude of innaash expeditions, which are now based nearly entirely around hunting for military tech, to turn the tide of their multitude of conflicts. Conflict is primarily between the factions, and revolves around reclaiming military tech and holding key territories.

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