Ashlands: A /k/ Role-Playing Game Wikia

Over View[]

The Twin River Compact, commonly referred to as The TRC, is one of the Many factions in the former United States post eruption. It controls Missouri north of the 38th Parallel as well as a large portion of central Illinois. It was formed in the ashes of St Louis with the combined forces of the former city government and The Scott's Airmen. The small nations main strategic resource is its name sake the Missouri and Mississippi rivers of which they take a considerable tax of any trade barges that operate along the rivers.  


Post Eruption[]

Immediately after the eruption, the St. Louis metro area fell into major rioting and looting, the police were quickly overwhelmed and either fleeing or blending in.  The local government went into hiding in several bunkers through the city along with a small handful of police. Chaos ruled much of the city for several days. After things began to calm down, it began to settle in how dire the situation was to the locals. The Fort Leonard Wood garrison along with the 102nd Ozark attempted to evacuate a large portion of the population east, to temporary camps under orders from FEMA. They managed to evacuate around half of the county population, although it’s not known where to as the camps promised by FEMA never existed.

The Scotts[]

several months into the post eruption world the Scott air force base personnel moral ran low. although their supplies were plentiful and living conditions adequate many of the soldiers were begging weary not being able to contact their loved ones, as well as the fact that the officers were refusing to allow any attempts to help the local population. Wither do to compaction, glut or just plain old boredom a relatively young 1st Sgt. named James Kart managed to rally many of the enlisted to stage a cue against the officers. By the time the ash settled Sgt. Kart was victorious with 221 airmen and 5 nonoperational C-40s under his command.

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