Standard issue equipment of the U.D.A armed forces Edit

All the weapons the UDA uses are sent to the factory at The Port, a large section of the bunker that specialises on reloading ammo, refurbishing and manufacturing weapons for use in the UDA.

The UDA trades weapons and it's services to finance the process of manufacturing the weapons. they get the material east, from the Ozark Republic, and parts from scavenged weapons found by scouts or bought in the market.

Most weapons apart from explosives and anything that pre-ashfall was considered a "Destructive Device" are available for sale in the Underground of Denver, although prices are elevated and require an extensive test and background check.

UDA soldiers are trained to not depend on their secondary weapons due to the scarcity and cost of them, they're only issued to officers and superiors, it is a status of honor to own a pistol.

Most of their other small arms are upscaled AK variants, all their DMRs, LMGs, and mounted machine guns are all modified AKs with diferent Chambering. For example, The FF-8, their DMR is an AK upscaled to use 7.62x51.

The UDA has a monopoly on AK rifles, if you encounter one in good condition, it's likely that it was made in 'The Factory'

Other small arms that the Armed forces use are Refurbished Barrett 82's and M2s used on technichals. Although rare, bigger weapons are found on deep zone excursions.

Vehicles and Artillery Edit

Most of their vehicles were found in hangars at Military bases in Colorado. some were too damaged to repair but were used for spare parts.

Their Air force is small in numbers but effective, It consists of only 3 Helicopters

  • Black Hawk
  • Chinook
  • Apache

Not only do they only have a handfull of each of them, there is a limited ammount of missiles and ammo available to them, and since the cost to produce them is very high, munitions are used sparingly.

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